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Saturday, May 9, 2009

long time no post peeps.
so yesterday was fun
Me and Andrea went to west mall aft sch. But we went MacD first lah. as usual. bought fries and milo. aft dat, both of us were like broke so we had nothing to do. we go library. i watch andrea file up her wksheets. then we started writing sick stuff in my 'think out of the box' book. it was cool. we were laughing while writing. lols. kinda. anyways, andrea wrote her profile THEN we started thinking sick. we wrote LINES DONUTS BUTTONS CUM EXCLAMATION MARKS BUNS LEMONS and all sorts of stuff. then she wrote her fav songs. there was IF YOU SEEK AMY by Britney Spears. she said if you listen properly, it sounds like. F U C K ME. LOLS. so i tried to make out what F.U.C.K stands for in my own words. I started with FISH UR CHICKEN...?
amira:WTH cock?! that starts with C luh.
andrea:oh ya!
amira: LOL.. hmmm...
andrea: I KNOW! KING!!
amira: =.= so its Fish Ur Chicken King. makes no sense. but who cares!

I started writing 'Fish Ur Chicken King' everywhere in the book. then it was getting late. so we went home. in the lift, i did not know why but i said "Look! Metal Line!" via hand gestures. then she laughed. when we went out, i said" LOL. metal LINE! if u hit ur LINE on the table, you dun feel! haha!" and thats all.

But when i came into the house, there was a yellow DONUT box on the table!! HAHAHAHA!

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