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Sunday, April 5, 2009

oh no! my blog DIED!(practically) MUST REVIVE!!! I am now anyway. OK..
Friday was damn damn damn damn SUPER FUN!!! I stayed back with Tiara and met Ethan and Sherman some other peepsqueaks which i do not know who. Then met Andrea at canteen and she ran to me like a mad woman(no offence). She was so bad. She left her bowl of noodles ALL ALONE. Sitting ALONE on a blue(i think) table ALL ALONE. *sob sob* POOR BOWL OF NOODLES! Uh ok so where was I? Oh yes! So play play play. blah blah blah. Ethan thought that the PURPLE medicine on Andrea's leg was HIGHLIGHTER. Which idiot would put highlighter on their leg?!(OK.. Maybe me)Oh, and Ethan practically slipped and fell over EVERYTHING. I wanted to warn him to be careful or he can't pee anymore but.. NAH. NVM!!! So we went fun square. blah blah blah. There were girls playing on the see-saw and we said that they were HUMPING!!! What a shame. Hump at such a young age. So after playing and laughing like mad cows, went ISH. I.S.H i mean and not *ISH*.. Me, Andrea and Tiara dared Ethan and Sherman to go into the girls toilet and walk all the way. Ethan went into a cubicle and screamed becuz of tissue paper on the floor that was VERY wet(they look disgusting though) and everyone laughed. So they dared back.. SO the girls went to the boys toilet and so did the boys. Sherman accidentally on the shower and closed the door and they got wet. SO wet that they looked liked they just bathed. (which they did. INDIRECTLY) And now i cannot remember what else happened. so. when i can remember. i post. ok? OKAY!!!
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