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Thursday, December 4, 2008

HAPPY BIRTHDAE TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAE TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAE TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!I am finally 11... Two more years to becoming a teenager... I WANT TO BE A TEENAGER!!! Get more stuff and ca$h!!! Lols... I still dunnoe what will my birthdae cake looks like... I just dun want it to be childish like Ethan's cake... LOLS

WALAO EH... Only 4 ppl wish me HAPPY BDAE this morning and 1 last night in advanced. It was Andrea... She wished me last nite in case she forget cause she say she got stm[short term memory] LOLS

I HOPE NONE OF MY BIRTHDAE PRESENTS HAVE ANY LIGHT PINK... EEYER!!! lols... i only like those reddy pink... Amira(H) is getting me a present... She is getting me a ZINC sling bag... She is the best ever... lols... I was so totally WOW wen she say her father allow her to buy 4 ME. 4 me some more lehhs! I was fainting like siao...

This morning i was hyper active physco. Woke up, [nvr bathe since now...cause im going swimming bahhs] ran around my house around 10 times shouting ; ITS MY BIRTHDAE!HAPPY BIRTHDAE TO MEEEE!!!Then 5 mins ltr... I was lying on the bed sweating like hell at 7:30 in the morning!!! lols. By tt time my mummy would be on her way 2 work... She wish me happy birthdae by msg... lols. got one pic of a cake and a number 11 on it. It looks good enough to eat... lols.

The 4 ppl tt wished me early in the morning;
#1: my mummee
#2: ethan
#3: my cousin(s)
#4:my sister
THE END OF THIS POST ALR... Enjoy this video anywaees... Happy watching...

The rock show by Blink 182

They give out MONEY... I WANNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!$__$

Anyway... ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!<3

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